Many gay brothers are feeling the need to come together with their faerie family…

Gathering Call Wintergathering 2013
The Gathering Call
  • To share new insights about ourselves;
  • To dance in the moonlight;
  • To hold, protect, nurture and caress one another;
  • To find the healing place inside our hearts;
  • To be with real family in these dark days;
  • To re-discover/re-invent our myths;
  • To experience the groundedness of the winter woods;
  • To sing, sing, sing;

The Call goes out to all who know that there is more to us than hetero-imitation. To all who are ready to move on. To all who have broken through and are ready to share those breakthroughs with your fairie brothers.

If you are looking for a Winter vacation destination to party with other faggots in the woods, and nothing else, we respectfully ask that you consider another event. If you’ve been to a EuroFaerie Gathering before, then you may remember how much more intimate the gathering felt on the last night compared to the first night. We’re encouraging you to show up and try to recapture that last night magic on the first night, so that we can be there right away, as if we never said goodbye. If you’ve never been to a Gathering before, then close your eyes, look into your heart, and see if now is the time. You are a blessing and you are blessed.